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Friday, December 09, 2005

He tried meditating

He doesn't say why, but he tried it. He writes about it, and being tossed about by the choppy waves of his monkey-mind.

Next time it may be gentle ripples.

10 days later, he's learnt a lot and is trying to divide his conciousness into levels. The you that does the clicking, the you that does the reading, the you that does the thinking, and the you that notices all that. Are they really all there inside, or are you making it all up, with mirrors?


wujimon said...

Great link and a great read! I'm kinda going thru the same thing myself!

Anonymous said...

Tnx, good reading Matt! ... I have long wondered (e.g., Engineering Enlightenment etc.) whether one could do an "Engineer's Guide to Enlightenment" with something rather more quantitative (or at least falsifiable) about altered mental states ... the answer "mu!" isn't satisfying enough, alas (^_^) ...

Best, ^z (zhurnal.net)

Peter said...

Neato Link Mat!

Meditation is frustrating. I can say that as a beginner!

There are just so many things to get hung up on and then find that the hang up gets in the way of the experience. I want something to happen, I want to get enlightened. I want to feel better.

And it's only when that quietens down that you get any access to the states.....