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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hello Chris - Mandarin Student

Just a shout out to Chris who's in a similar position to me in learning Mandarin. 你好 Chris!

via the Chinesepod blog.


Chris said...

你好 Matt!

I finally found the shout out (just getting used to this blogging thing).

I think you have progressed a little further than me in Mandarin.

The Tai chi is interesting, I must read more. My Mum has been doing it for a few years, I used to do the harder martial arts but picked up a few injuries, I did some practice with my mum recently and was amazed at her balance and control.

Any how keep up the good work monkey


Robin said...

I heard about your site from the webblog on the Chinese pod cast site. Although I am taking a break from my own Mandarin studying right now, some of your readers might be interested in my blogs on Chinese holidays: Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year.