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Monday, June 14, 2010

WNBR Brighton

Postcard from Brighton

I was considering going along to the London WNBR, but given the route change (linear - boo!), decided to go for the Brighton one instead. Much better idea! The vibe was a lot more relaxed, art-studenty, and well, gay. All to the good.

Not many pictures from me this time, but loads all over the usual Flickr groups. Great route, crowd support etc, and nice to see the usually fairly drab naturist beach get a huge influx of cheerful users.

Here's some from Brighton photog, Heather Buckley.

Here's the Flickr group for Brighton WNBR. Or one of them, Flickr groups being an uncontrolled mess as they are.

So far, I've found myself in this one (blue hat, waving). Yaay!

EDIT: oh look, here I am too. Whoo!

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